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SmartBilling is a complete business and operations support system (B/OSS). At SmartBilling our staff of experts is focused on helping companies find innovative and profitable ways to market and sell their products and services. Our powerful software application creates real value for corporations with subscription and usage-based business models through increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction and lower costs…


Smartbilling has established strong and trusted relationships with a number of strategic technology partners. Our mission is to provide value to our clients and partners with the most advanced and dynamic billing, business and operation solution on the market. We carry out this mission by rapidly integrating with technology innovators in complementary market segments, and adapting to our clients’ needs as they arise.

"Yesterday I ran my first invoice run with consumption details. I can't believe how much time I saved!"
- Martine L.

your Benefits

The SmartBilling application has many features that helps its users to outclass their competition: Its capabilities for automated usage processing, rating and billing allows our clients to turn around their invoicing more quickly, thus lowering their back office costs and increasing their cash flow. The increased productivity and reduced effort required to maintain customer relationships offorded by our CRM and Customer Self-care Portal features reduces churn and…

innovative solutions

SmartBilling is a state-of-the-art application, incorporating the latest programming techniques. SmartBilling provides accurate rating of usage and metered transactions, and support for both recurring and ad hoc charges and discounts; charge items are grouped together into subscriptions that can all be combined into bundles. Our 3rd-generation catalog is up to the challenge of organizing your offerings into a logically-organized and easy-to-understand presentation. End-customers benefit from…


The SmartBilling team is focused on providing value to our clients. While we do have published pricing, we recognize that each customer will have individual needs and we are happy to work together with you to find the appropriate pricing strategies for your business. We’re ready to talk!

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Get Started! Create your own database instance and and make use of our easy-onboarding tools, sample catalogs, standardized usage transaction file formats and training videos to implement the system all by yourself. Discover the endless possibilities that our flexible and powerful solution will allow you to create in order to manage the products and services your clients need.

Spend less time managing your business, spend more time growing your revenue


Billing & B/OSS

Increase invoice accuracy, eliminate revenue leakage, build better customer relationships, reduce customer churn, build better sales offerings and react more quickly to market trends.

Automated Payment Systems

SmartBilling integrates both with credit card payment gateways and with banks to allow you to automate many of the manual tasks associated with collections and Accounts Receivable management. Different types of transactions can be processed, including pre-authorized withdrawals (ACH Direct Debits), credit card transactions (both pre-authorized and manual), and electronic funds transfer (EFT).

CRM Features

There are a multitude of Customer Relationship Management software offerings on the market today, and SmartBilling integrates with the best-of-breed solutions, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to name a few. But for those clients who can make do with a basic set of CRM functionalities, SmartBilling includes a built-in CRM module that can satisfy the needs of many small- and medium-sized businesses at no extra charge.

Product Catalog

SmartBilling offers a proprietary, 3rd generation catalog that provides a simple, yet flexible means to organize the products, charges, services and usage that your company sells to your customers, for one-time, recurring or consumption transactions.

Customer Portal

Customers like to be in control of the services they purchase from their suppliers, and the SmartBilling Customer Portal is just the right tool that your customers expect from you. From within the portal, they can make payments or sign up for pre-authorized payments, they can view and in some cases manage their portfolio of services,...

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SmartBilling was originally designed for the Telecommunications industry, and this is our primary area of expertise. That said, it is designed to be able to handle all types of subscription and usage billing, whether for metered utilities such as electricity, water or natural gas, or for other usage-based market segments, such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Within the Telecommunications sector, we manage all of the different types of service offerings, including…


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