Payment Systems

SmartBilling processes and integrates all payments types, including ACH, EFT, Direct Debits, Cards (Debit or Credit) and in multiple currencies. Thanks to its payment gateway and banking integrations, consolidating payment tracking with billing balances cannot be made easier. SmartBilling is the perfect tool to manage aging information with customers.

Online Onboarding & Demo

We have eliminated the complexity so that Telecom companies can follow along an easy wizard and start invoicing complex subscription-based product catalogues and services, including all types of charges such as usage rates, bundles, discounts, etc.


Customer & Operations departments work with one integrated system in order to create a more efficient and effective means of communication between you and your customers, essentially bettering customer relationships and fulfillment. Having all systems in one place, either internally or externally will allow your Customer Service and Operations teams to provide a better service to clients and suppliers.

Product Catalogue

SmartBilling´s proprietary product catalogue software allows Telecom companies to easily create, price and operate any catalogue item such as goods, services, subscriptions, charges, usage rates, bundles, offers, discounts, etc. No matter its complexity or recurrence.


SmartBilling´s Quote-to-Cash allows sales & operations teams to send quotes to prospects or customers the moment they interact with them. The software functionality allows customers to accept online quotes and agree to the terms and conditions of the offer. The automated built-in process records the quote approval by customers in the customer portal. A more efficient client relationship equals greater revenue.

Customer Portal

You can decide to turn on your customer portal access anytime. All reports of your client’s online payments, invoices, and call detail records are always available to them. Increase customer trust and provide them with the care and comfort they deserve.  In turn, use the customer portal as a vehicle to promote your latest products.

Ticketing System

SmartBilling ticketing system allows you to keep better track of all information. Customers can send a ticket using the customer portal. As a result, customer service teams can log all tickets as customers write or call-in. Tickets API connects with an external department to fulfill requests. The ticketing system is another function that reinforces our CRM priority.

Order/Provisioning Management System

The customer service portal easily converts approved sales quotes into orders by Operations. Therefore, generating quicker provisions and final customer installation and confirmation.

Back Office/Accounting Reporting

From aging to supplier reconciliation through GL reporting, our SmartBilling customizable reporting centre generates the reports in your preferred format so you can import the correct data in your accounting software. Meanwhile automate this data so your accounting is done while you sleep.

Sales Management System

SmartBilling has a very robust Sales functionality tool. Sales channels can send quotes to prospects, leads to operations, monitor sales, and monitor commission to up to 5 levels of a given sales/marketing network structure. The sales module has the ability to calculate the exact commission and volume kickback set to a sales channels.