You can expect outstanding customer satisfaction. SmartBilling´s CRM and Operations software is designed to create transparency and control to your clients. With the option to integrate an external tool or by simply using SmartBilling’s client relationship tools, make your customers happy by providing faster quote and order turnaround. Moreover, your sales teams will be more time and cost effective with provisioning orders thanks to its integrated system that connects directly to customers.

Online Onboarding & Demo

Try SmartBilling and discover the endless possibilities that our flexible system allows for. Create the products and services your clients need. Be ahead of the competition and the market. SmartBilling will help you enhance your client relationship and innovate the way you communicate with said market. Smartbilling will ultimately help you achieve your company’s objectives and vision.

Payment Systems

Cash Flow is the bloodstream of any company. Your company can be in a healthier cash flow position with SmartBilling. How SmartBilling integrates the payment processing within the Billing platform allows Telecom companies to have better control of their money. Our platform enables payments to be scheduled when your customers, either residential or commercial want. It allows your contractual conditions to be as flexible as need be. Increase customer retention and continue to cross-sell more products. The payment aging information reconciles payments versus billed amounts, thus allowing your team to have full control of your cash flow position including your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Product Catalogue

SmartBilling’s catalogue provides the unique benefit to a telecom company that no one else is providing. That is to allow a non-existing product to become a reality tomorrow. Software catalogue platforms are rigid, but SmartBilling´s architecture is created over the flexibility pillar. Any products or service you may dream of can fit within Smartbilling’s Catalogue. This kind of flexibility will allow your company’s products and services to hit the market fastest. Competition needs time to react, and that is your advantage. With SmartBilling you can stay ahead of the curve perpetually, provided you continue to innovate with and like us.


Customers love to buy things, but ironically hate to be sold things. SmartBilling facilitates the tricky nature of selling via the right interaction tools. Your customers will surely begin to feel the comfort of buying from you, where you will then have the chance to offer them new products and services, therefore increasing your revenue.

Customer Portal

SmartBilling’s 24/7 customer portal allows customers to pay their invoices immediately and download their transactions. Client satisfaction and retention is key to a healthy business. With SmartBilling you can achieve the client satisfaction you always wanted.

Sales Management System

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales? SmartBilling’s sales module provides Telecom companies with a sales structure that grants sales teams the freedom to create and manage campaigns, add contracts, send quotes, follow up with customers, and ultimately make their dashboards look more attractive. A sales team needs more than a financier to watch over numbers. With this feature you have all the information your company needs to increase revenue and pay commissions faster.

Back Office/Accounting Reporting

A famous tyre company was spot on in saying “Power is nothing without control”. SmartBilling has all the elements to give you ultimate power and future reach. Never lose track of present and future goals. Smartbilling gives you the back office and reporting controls to help you implement all of your strategic moves.

Ticketing System

SmartBilling’s ticketing system is the tool where customers can view all operational information. By communicating directly with clients via the portal and email, they can stay up to date with all operations.  Smartbilling understands that customer peace of mind is priceless which is why we make it our priority.