• Complex Subscription Billing Operations
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Accounts Receivable and Automated Payments Management
  • Automated Provisioning and/or Portfolio Synchronization
  • Compensation (Comissions) Management
  • Supplier Charge Audit/ Verification

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Smartbilling´s state of the art and flexible system helps companies to invoice the right amounts on usage services, complex subscriptions, products, bundle products, one-time charges, recurrent services, discount applications, integrated payment systems, customer portal, etc. No more revenue leakage, better billing relationship with clients, more clarity, more savings to customers, reduced churn and better commercial agreements.

Payment Systems

SmartBilling’s process and integrates all payments types, bank (ACH, EFT; Direct Debits, Card -debit, credit) thanks to its payment gateway and banking integrations, consolidating payment tracking with billing balances cannot be easier. The perfect tool to manage aging and aging information with customers.

Online Onboarding & Demo

We have eliminated the complexity so Telecom companies can follow an easy wizard and start invoicing complex product catalogues and services that incorporates subscriptions, all type of charges and usage rates, bundles, discounts, etc


Customer & Operations departments work with one integrated system in order to make better and faster customer relationship and fulfilment. Having all systems in one place, either with an external CRM or internal to SmartBilling, it allows the Customer Service and Operations teams to provide a better service with clients and suppliers.

Product Catalogue

SmartBilling´s proprietary product catalogue software allows Telecom companies to easily create, price and operate any catalogue item such as products, services, subscriptions, Charges, usage rates, bundles, offers, discounts, etc, no matter how complex it might be and in any possible time recurrent or non-recurrent way.


SmartBilling´s Quote-to-Cash allows sales & operations teams to send quotes to prospects or customers the moment they interact with them. The software functionality allows customers to accept online quotes and agree to the terms and conditions of the offer and automatically converting the quote into an order in one click. SmartBIlling gives that power to the client if that is your strategy and allows you to interact better with them via the customer Portal. A faster client relationship increasing revenues and client satisfaction. The automated flow-built in process records the quote approval by customers in the customer portal.

Customer Portal

You can decide to turn on your customer portal access anytime. Your clients can make payments online, receive all invoicing information and CDR (call details records) reporting through their personalised access. The customer portal is the right tool your client expects. You can communicate better and you even can use the portal to offer your latest products.

Ticketing System

SmartBilling ticketing system allows you to track information better. Customers can send a ticket using the customer portal as well as CS teams log tickets as customer call or write. The system allows a world of Ticket status flexibility and its API can connect with the external department nedded to fulfil or act quickly in support tickets. SmartBilling has the right communication to customers tickets requests integrated with their portal.

Order/Provisioning Management System

The CS portal allows in 2 clicks to convert approved sales quotes into orders by Operations as they are confirmed by customers either online or offline. This facilitates time faster provisioning turn round process and faster customer final confirmation or installation.

Back Office/Accounting Reporting

From aging to supplier reconciliation through GL reporting, SB customizable reporting centre generates the reports in the formatting you need to import the correct data in your accounting software. Also you can automate this data so your accounting is done while you sleep. You just need to validate.

Sales Management System

SmartBilling has a very robust Sales functionality tools. Sales channels can send quotes to prospects and leads in a coordinated way with Operations and monitor sales and commissions up to 5 levels of a given sales structure or marketing network structure. The Sales module can calculate the correct commissions and volume kickbacks set to the right sales channels. All in one place.

SPend less time managing your business, Spend more time growing your revenue


Hosted PBX - VOIP




Network Infrastructure



Hosted PBX - VOIP

All billing needs for Hosted PBX operators, wholesalers, resellers and agents with international or dedicated usage plans, air minutes pooled, etc in a platform that allows plugging any other service in one bill.


All possible rate plans and data plans in a flexible product catalogue that meters to what is correct for your clients. SmartBilling allows Mobile specialist to be ahead of the competition with our mobile customer portal as well.


Enable the connectivity your client needs by metering correctly the data usage with the promotions and rewards you and your marketing creates. SmartBilling solves the B/OSS problems of telecom companies and intermediaries.


Content on demand will continue to be the big word for a long time. We re-invent the metering of audiovisual content with you. We can bill the usage of what really makes sense for your client and for you. You can change pricing based on market demand or following your marketing team.

Network Infrastructure

Telecom is more Software than pure communications. In the world of cloud and data movement, billing is re-inventing every day. Our flexibility operation support system allows your network infrastructure to be managed as a pure revenue management system with SmartBilling.


Multi-connectivity is key in today´s world, so it is the ability to measure exact usage or create a product that responds to the needs of your clients and prospects. SmartBilling allows you to bill based on anything you can imagine.

IOT (Internet of things)

Step into the future and prepare to bill customers that demand to increase their quality of life. The IoT is the connectivity of the physical devices to applications and it is estimated that there will be 30 billion devices connected by 2020. Are you going to miss that? Smartbilling allows you to measure and bill on the value you provide.

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