Controlling permission levels is essential for any organization that cares about security.  In a secure Saas Billing Platform such as Smartbilling this is partly achieved through role definitions. A role can be thought of as a collection of permissions that each are either switched on or off.

Power User role is an important one as it has all available permissions enabled. In addition to Power User there are other standard roles that can be used off the shelf; but a well-developed VOIP billing software platform should also provide the ability to customize roles. Smartbilling is quite capable of doing this with high granularity.

Billing permission, for instance, has 4 actions that each can be switched on or off independently:

  • Configuration
  • Delete Payment
  • Post/Email
  • Write

On the same page that we set roles we can also enable or disable sharing of modules. If a customer service agent that uses Smartbilling as his Telecom BSS OSS solution makes Account and Call List modules “Public”, other customer service agents may see his Account and Call List information. But if the same customer service agent makes Invoice and Lead modules “Not Public”, other customer service agents cannot see his leads or Invoices.

About Smartbilling:
Smartbilling is a cloud-based subscription billing and OSS for telecom industry.
Our software supports full customer life cycle and features a seamless quote to order to cash process.

Shane Dian