Although the common way of sending notices is email, a high-quality IoT Billing Software also needs the ability to send out Printed Payment Notifications through snail mail. In Smartbilling we can easily switch this option to On or Off.

For the first notification you can set the number of days to -3 to make sure it goes out three days before the due date. On top of that we can assign a template to it in order to determine From, Subject, the body and other specifications of the outgoing email.

There can be subsequent notifications with their own delay and their own template to be sent, say, 10, 20, 30 and 45 days after the due date. Any Telecom BSS OSS may need such reminders to manage late-paying customers. In practice the tone of such notifications gets firmer as time passes by up to a “Suspension Notice”; but it’s completely up to you to set the template assigned to each.

A typical VOIP billing software platform in Canada may need to be bilingual and that’s the same in some other jurisdictions in the world. Smartbilling can take English and French input for all components of templates, be it description, subject, or the body of email.

Another feature that a Saas Billing Platform needs is dispute capability. In Smartbilling they can be dealt with in the same page as notifications.

The user can enter the reason for a dispute in Smartbilling and also the amount of the dispute. A default credit charge must be created in the catalog and it can typically be Late Payment Fee, Payment Reversed Fee or Security Deposit Charge.

About Smartbilling:
Smartbilling is a cloud-based subscription billing and OSS for telecom industry.

Our software supports full customer life cycle and features a seamless quote to order to cash process.


Shane Dian