Well; it’s a little complicated. Every customer, every situation and every request can be different when it comes to a Telecom BSS OSS implementation. We live in a case by case industry.

So let’s talk about a typical one

Nothing can be done without analysis. We need to see how does a customer’s business model work, what does he need and also what he doesn’t need. If something is not necessary we’d better archive it.

There’s data migration.

We move the current data into the SmartBilling database. The customer may choose to forget about the historical data or move it along the current data. Information to be migrated may include:

    • Sales Agent data
    • Customer data
    • Supplier data
    • Service Location data
    • Contact data
    • Notes data

Organizing the data in the catalog.

Disorganized data is hard to manage. That’s why SmartBilling has developed one of the best catalog structures in the whole industry over the years. In each case we work with the customer to adapt the catalog to their needs and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Catalog creation can involve the following:

  •       Entering and relating Products, Services, Charges, Sub-Charges and Usage Rates.
  •       Establishing Contract Type durations and renewals
  •       Importing the Subscription data
  •       Importing Historical Balance Forward, Invoice, Payment, and Adjustment data
  •       Import Historical Invoice PDF files
  •       Import Historical Ticketing data

Custom modifications.

Some customers may be perfectly happy with off-the-shelf capabilities of Smartbilling as a VOIP billing software; but there’s a portion of the user base that have special needs and prefer customization.  We offer the following services:

  • Design and implementation of the Invoice template
  • Design and coding of the various Usage Import templates
  • Code APIs
  • Design & code of custom reports
  • Design & code templates such as Customer Statement, Sales Quotation, or Commission Reports


Saas Billing Platforms are quite complex and it’s hard to imagine users can operate it without training.  We …

  • Providing customer training
  • Definition & addition of any custom fields that the customer may require and training customer to enter & maintain them
  • Configuring operational parameters and train customer on them
  • Configuring financial parameters, testing the integrations and training customer on them
  • Establishing commission plans and training customer on them



We don’t sacrifice quality of a product for speed of delivery as a serious Telecom BSS OSS platform cannot afford many mistakes. The following is included in each project to make sure no major issue is left in the job.

  • Initial testing to make sure system works correctly
  • Side by side run for at least one month’s worth of transactions, either on the full set of customers or on sample customers representative of different use-cases
  • Switching over to live operation


SmartBilling team has implemented hundreds of different cases with incredibly diverse requirements. Our ability to adapt our system to the realities of the industry distinguishes us from many rigid solutions that make life hard for the end user.


About Smartbilling:
Smartbilling is a cloud-based subscription billing and OSS for telecom industry.

Our software supports full customer life cycle and features a seamless quote to order to cash process.



Shane Dian