Success and Complexity

Who can deny that a mature IoT Billing Software is a large and multifaceted system? Who can reject the idea that a Saas Billing Platform that’s specifically designed for Telecom BSS OSS doesn’t deal with complexity?

Telecom, IoT, call centers, internet, and so much more. Technology in general is anything but simple and that alone sets it apart from traditional industries that have been around for centuries. Success in complex industries comes at the price of (are you ready for this?) listening to the customer.

At Smartbilling we have discovered the secret long time ago and we’ve made it a religion to respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently.

When there was a need to increase the price and cost precision to 5 decimals, we did it in one sprint. When there were accounting discrepancies regarding Aging we helped the client to quickly fix them. When certain fields were deemed obligatory or otherwise, we provided those options in the shortest duration.

But there’s a higher level of complexity.

In many cases customers don’t know what’s the best path of action and that’s where a professional SaaS provider with a focus on its own VOIP billing software provides the next level of service: expert advice.

We analyze the current situation and its associated pains and troubles. Then, together with the users, we try to understand and figure out what’s the desired situation that serves the customer the best. That part done it will be our job to find the best and shortest path from A to B.

There are times that customers don’t necessarily know what’s the best User Interface configuration or the fastest database architecture. In such cases our highly experienced Operations and Development teams tap into the vast knowledge and creativity of their members and come up with solutions that are both feasible and high quality.

Complex industries demand professional solutions that are thought out and well planned. In a given Saas Billing Platform databases can be quite large, invoices may have many components, reports can end up gigantic and math can be confusing. Connecting all the dots and leaving no stone unturned is not a job for greenhorns.



About Smartbilling:
Smartbilling is a cloud-based subscription billing and OSS for telecom industry.

Our software supports full customer life cycle and features a seamless quote to order to cash process.


Shane Dian